Unconfirmed: Wave 5 SKUs appear at Best Buy, leading to speculation about Palutena exclusivity

Thanks to an Amiibo News source and friend close to Best Buy, we have obtained information about Wave 5 amiibo. The source states that Silver Mario and Dark Pit amiibo are appearing in the Best Buy system with their SKUs, howeverPalutena is not showing up alongside them. This information leads us to speculate that it’s very likely Palutena is an exclusive at another retailer outside of Best Buy.


As you can see, Silver Mario (SKU: 7532038) and Dark Pit (SKU: 6376118) are listed near the bottom of the screen shot.

So where’s Palutena? We’ll post info about this possible retailer exclusive amiibo as soon as we receive details about its release, so stay tuned!

Special thanks to Josh Brown of Toys for Games Cast for helping us get wind of this information.

UNCONFIRMED: Target Inventory for Wave 4 Appears Online

Supposed details regarding Wave 4 stock at Target locations surfaced online this morning via r/amiibo. Reddit user and Target Employee (redacted) was able to locate inventory numbers for Wave 4 amiibo, including Jigglypuff and Silver Mario. Thankfully, Jigglypuff and Silver Mario appear to be in good supply. (Redacted) writes: Continue reading UNCONFIRMED: Target Inventory for Wave 4 Appears Online