Lucina, Pac-Man, and Greninja Giveaways Now Live!

Amiibo News is doing 3 giveaways at once!  Register to win by  following Amiibo News on Twitter and retweeting the tweet below. Winner will be selected 5/14 and 5/21. Good Luck!


21 thoughts on “Lucina, Pac-Man, and Greninja Giveaways Now Live!”

  1. I love this site (well mainly the Facebook version). It helps out a ton and the fact that you do these giveaways as well is even more awesome!

  2. I probably won’t have too good of luck to win but I really hope I do, I need to add more to my little collection ^~^ being broke sucks aha.

  3. I really hope i win, cause i dont have a single amiibo and i have mario party 10 but i cant play amiibo party

  4. Amiibo news, i just wanna say that if your reading this commet i really want to win cause i never experienced what its like to have an amiibo. Please amiibo news

  5. I’m new to Amiibo collecting. I recently added Amiibo News to my following list. This Wave 4 is my first hunting, i hope i win Ness.

    You Rock! with up to date news.

    Thank You,

  6. would be cool to win this. I love the little giveaway thing you guys do. gives atleast some of us a chance to get our hands on them without having to resort to Ebay methods.

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